Daily Prompt: way

“way” is used 94 times in Protector of the Grey House. That’s all I’ve got this morning. (I’m way better at creative writing than at blogging.)

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent’s jaw twitched and it set him in motion. In one smooth move he was on the other side of the bed, kneeling besides Ben. The tired vampire prudently slid out of the way, leaving the room with the help of one of the humans. He had not slept for two days; he had barely eaten. He needed looking after. Vincent didn’t notice when Ben left. He slipped his arms under Natalia’s knees and back, cradling her drenched body as he picked her up. His jaw was twitching as he carried her out the door. Lilly followed, the small confident smile still highlighting her features.

Joseph stayed behind to instruct the three humans who had followed their boss upstairs. Like the humans at the cabin, they had been with the vampire for many years. Joseph’s orders were not necessary, but he stayed to keep out of Vincent’s way. Confident Vincent didn’t need him, Joseph went down the hall to check on Dr. Elving, Ben, and Orlando. Dr. Elving was sitting in a chair by the door, holding a tranquilizer gun. Orlando was sleeping fitfully, but he was still in human form. Ben was feeding. Since all was well, Joseph sauntered off to his bedroom to claim his woman. Mierka was waiting for him wearing nothing but a smile.

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