Daily Prompt: curtain

Some days are harder than others to come up with something to say. I like letting my creative writing speak for me, as that is so much easier for me.
Though I am sharing from book 3, I am doing my best not to have huge spoilers. I hope you enjoy what I’m sharing! Have a great weekend.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia woke in stages, realizing slowly that Vincent was not in bed. She sighed as she rolled to the edge of the bed. The curtains and windows were open, revealing the night sky and city to the south. She felt the cool breeze on her warm skin and sighed again as she sat up then stood. Images of last night kept wafting through her mind. Vincent only allowed his hunger to show in his begging voice; every other part of his body had shown a tenderness they rarely used with one another. After he fed, taking more than usual, he took over and made her feel as if nothing else in the world mattered but her pleasure.

She sighed again as she took her robe and went to shower. There was business she had to attend to. After she showered, she dressed in a long flowing red dress and ate the simple breakfast someone brought up for her. She then went downstairs to find Vincent. From the loud voices, she judged that Vincent and Anthony were in the study. She knocked on the door quietly, waiting for permission before entering.

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