Daily Prompt: shattered

When I write about bathrooms, I envision my perfect bathroom. Hence, glass stall shower. My freaking dream. One of my aunts used to have my ideal shower: glass on two sides, and HUGE shower head that had the option of switching to an even larger shower head that made it feel like you were showering in a rainfall. Gimme.

From Protector of the Grey House:

The glass shower door shattered when she slammed it. She was at the secret entrance and entering the code in seconds. Natalia was through it and into the maze before Vincent could be alerted to her actions. She followed the same trail of blood, nearly running to the next door. She was through it and up the stairs with more speed than a human could normally attempt.

At the top of the steps, she paused, finally feeling calm. She walked to the first door and opened it. She was confronted by a glass case. In the case was her sword. It was in an open wooden box. She surmised Charlie had placed it in the box, allowing the vampires to handle it without touching it. She admired the sleek beauty of the blade, remembering her desire to see it in full daylight. Now that she knew where it was, she might have to take it out of its case and see it in the sunlight.

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