Daily Prompt: useful

Later, I may say something about the difficult political times we are facing (again) but for now, I want to stand by my creative posts. Please have a good weekend.

From Protector of the Grey House:

The doors were closed but he could hear voices. Joseph was standing in front of one door; hand on the knob waiting for his master to compose himself. Vincent stood for a moment staring at the mirrored door. He had not yet eaten, so his reflection was slightly ghostly. A smile floated to his lips as he thought of the many vampires that had been unprepared for the mirrors. Not many of his kind had them in their homes. Vincent thought mirrors a useful tool against his enemies. He could tell if they had eaten or not depending on their reflection. Those who trusted him usually didn’t arrive at full blood. They knew Vincent would offer them blood. Those who did not trust him, almost always showed up full. Vincent felt they either didn’t trust the blood or didn’t trust him not to kill them. It made him smile.

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