Daily Prompt: subject

This is a rough week for me, therefore having issues coming up with stuff to day. Go out and read a good book.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Wayne was pointing me toward a friend of his.”

“Take care of it if you see fit.” He waved the subject away. Vincent always asked his people to check with him before changing a human and did the same when wanting to change someone himself. He knew Wayne, and knew the vampire had been trustworthy, despite his last act. If Wayne thought someone a worthy candidate, and Anthony concurred, all was well.

Feeling dismissed, Anthony spoke up. “Sir, if I may, why should I tell you if I have someone tracking Natalia?”

“If Natalia knows she is being tracked, she’ll stop the spy from following her without killing them. If she had known Wayne was there, she may have been able to throw him off her scent and save his life. She isn’t stupid, and her goal isn’t to kill those under my protection. You know what she has done for us; you’ve seen the Slayer items she’s brought us. Why do you continue to think she’s trying to betray us?”

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