Daily Prompt: staircase

“Up the Down Staircase” is in my head now. I’ve never seen the movie and had to look the title up to remind myself it was a movie.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Anthony stared at her for a moment then left the room. He felt she was telling the truth and knew he needed information from Vincent regarding this situation. If she had done something to endanger the household it fit in well with his belief that she was a Slayer, but something didn’t fit. He needed to know everything that had transpired. Anthony left Vincent’s rooms, making sure to close the doors behind him and proceeded down the staircase. There were still four people waiting to speak to Vincent. Not able to wait, he bypassed them and knocked on the door. He didn’t wait for a response.

“What is it?” Vincent was sitting at his desk, speaking with Craig, one of Anthony’s spies. Craig was leaning back in the chair, looking relaxed and at home. He was one of the vampires Vincent summoned to the city to try and fix the Edwin problem.

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