Daily Prompt: air

I created the demon she’s fighting. I’ve been urged by the game creator to make a compedium, so that players can play these characters. I really should do that.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia Mirela Liliana Dveski Protector of House LeGris rushed the demon brought forth by her enemy. By the time she was flying through the air with her sword held over her head, she knew exactly how to kill it. She landed with her knees tucked to her chest on the Blitzkrieg’s transforming body. The corpse sank into the demon a little bit more but protected her legs as she plunged the sword deep into the demon’s eyes. It shrieked as the sword came out the other side of its head. Natalia gave a push with the sword and flung herself off the disintegrating demon.

She landed on the ground, feet first, turned quickly and watched as the demon fell to the ground in tiny pieces. She grabbed her sword and turned to face the other. It was looking in her direction. It had heard its comrade’s death howl and was backing away from Joseph and Vincent. Neither vampire appeared hurt. Natalia started toward it, knowing exactly how to kill it. Her mind still running on instinct, she advanced quickly. The thing howled, turned and ran toward the exit. In order to reach the door, it had to run in Natalia’s direction. As it ran near her, Natalia threw the sword, knowing she had exactly one chance. She could not take this demon down by jumping on it.

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