Daily Prompt: rocking

From Protector of the Grey House:

Diana was whispering softly, rocking back and forth slowly, minutely. He could barely hear her words but felt them as Natalia continued to heal. He glanced toward Diana and saw she was staring right at him. He turned his head a little and gave her his full attention. She grabbed his gaze, holding it as her words came faster and her rocking became harder. He inhaled sharply as the other presence in his being slipped away and he no longer felt Natalia. Diana closed her eyes, said some final words, shuddered and sat back. Natalia’s back was healed, and her breathing was regular. Vincent leaned over and felt her pulse. It was strong and steady. He looked up sharply at the healer.


“I replenished her blood. And I cut the connection between you two.”

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