Daily Prompt: teacher

In the book, the last sentence in this sections goes from larger letters to tiny letters. Didn’t translate here. I’ve been told not to do things like that, but I think it’s fun to play with typesetting. There are plenty of poets that do it. Writing is visual; why can’t we have fun with the typesetting?
p.s. I tried to change the typesetting/font here as well, but can’t seem to do that here. You’ll have to wait to see how it looks in the book.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“What’s your name boy?” He inquired, like a teacher asking an unruly student on the first day of class.


It was a whisper. Vincent barely heard him. He wasn’t choking him, as the boy didn’t need to breathe, but he still needed air to speak. Vincent loosened his fingers and asked again.

The boy took a deep breath and in a terrified voice that was trying desperately not to sound frightened, “DAMIEN LORD OF DARKNESS AND ALL HE SEES?”

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