Daily Prompt: wandering

When I first wrote this trilogy, it had a lot more sex scenes. A friend helped me to realize that sex scenes should further the story along. Are they necessary, or could the dialogue (if any) be placed in a non-sexual setting.
I thought about it and took out some of the scenes, not really realizing that I am absolutely a romance novelist and the sex scenes are fun.
Since then I have toned back on the sex scenes in my books as I do want them to have some meaning and further the story to some degree but they are still just fun to have.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent walked with increasing speed to and up the stairs. He heard Joseph snickering but ignored his friend, wondering what stage of undress Natalia would be in. He crossed his sitting room in less than a second, noticed her absence in the bedroom and went into the bathroom, where she was standing by the mirror, drying her hair. She was in her silk robe, and it was untied and open. Every part of his body wanted to grab her and possess her quickly. Except there was something they needed to take care of. He went to her slowly and pressed himself against her, pulling the hair dryer out of her hand and turning it off as he placed it on the counter.

Natalia leaned into him, letting her thoughts drift from her mind. His hands were wandering up and down her torso, massaging her skin through the silk.

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