Daily Prompt: urges

I like to think that at the core, vampires are creatures of destruction. That they choose to be civil is a great show of control. Currently writing another vampire book that will illustrate this better. For this trilogy, I was held within someone else’s rules, though I did break a few. ‘Cause it’s kind of what I do in my writing.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent shrugged indicating it was her choice. She leaned into him, gave him a revealing kiss, and left the room, still stretching her muscles. Vincent took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to control his utter need for her body and blood. He bared his teeth and fangs in an imitation of a bite. His control had been slipping recently. Almost every time he touched his human, he had to fight to gain control of his more primal urges. He often felt like digging his teeth deep into her neck and sucking all the blood out of her prime, supple, willing body.

Last night’s encounter had left him wanting. She controlled him well, reminding him of Lorraine’s abilities, but when she relinquished control, he had to remind himself that he could not do to her what he could do to his sire. Natalia was human and much too fragile to take the brunt of the more animal aspects of his nature. He held back, containing his primeval appetites, reassuring himself with the knowledge that he could have her whenever he needed her. Last night, it had been enough. Tonight, it barely pacified his hunger, skimming just the barest need off a mountain of want. He would have to do something about this soon, or risk killing and changing Natalia against her will. An image of her bathed in her own blood flowed into his consciousness and overtook his mind.

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