Daily Prompt: blond

I’m pretty sure I shared this or a part close to this before. I am quite happy with how this scene turned out. It was vastly different the first time I wrote it. I think learning a few things about the world and myself helped me to understand how to make it better.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“I’m thirsty, Natalia. Let me drink from you.”

Natalia turned and smiled at Mierka. She moved her whole body, placing her legs up on the couch with one arm resting on the back of the couch and the other arm held up and out toward Mierka’s side. Mierka caressed Natalia’s arm as she came around the couch to sit with her slave. Natalia readjusted her body to allow Mierka to sit beside her, still presenting her arm to the vampire. Mierka smiled at her and gently took her arm, sinking her fangs into the yielding flesh.

            Vincent tensed as pain crossed his woman’s features then gazed in wonder as her expression changed to one of pleasure. Natalia reached out her free hand to caress Mierka’s blond hair. Her hand stayed there then tangled in the golden tresses when Mierka pulled away from her arm. Mierka placed a hand on Natalia’s knee and slid it slowly up her thigh. The touch implied too much to Vincent. As he watched, Natalia pulled Mierka to her by her hair, giving the vampire a long kiss.

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