Daily Prompt: basement

The first prompt was for the word ‘update’. In a separate blog, I will update you on book #2 & 3 and why at least one has not been released yet.

From Protector of the Grey House:

They left the room together a few moments later as it was time for him to leave. She waited at the door with Mierka, who didn’t like to be left behind either. Her skills were geared more toward stealth, not brute force, which is what Lorraine needed to take down the rogue vampires killing the humans in New York.

When the limo left the drive, Natalia returned to her bedroom needing sleep. Her first meeting of the day was in the early morning and she needed to rest. She needed to be alert as she was meeting one of the Slayers who had helped lock her in the basement some time ago. They were meeting in a public place, but it was a trap, and Natalia had to be on her toes.

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