Update on Trilogy

I released The Grey House book one in late September, or early October of 2019. I had every intention of releasing Inside the Grey House (book two) within 6 months to 1 year of that release date. I did not, due to covid and my inability to push people to help me.

I want to be upfront and let you know, I am not bitching at anyone and I blame no one but myself. I also want to say that there is one individual who read through the entire trilogy already. That person is not being included in these comments, and is always steadfast in their ability to help me.

Covid hit in March. I had already asked some friends if they could edit the next book. Though they said yes, by the time covid hit, only one person was able to read through book 2. Others either never got around to it or had mental health issues or life issues that pushed my project to the back burner, which I understand completely.

After covid hit, I wasn’t even sure I should try to publish, as I was not able to see anyone. I’m not able to corroborate as well with my editors and artist remotely. I was encouraged to publish by my fiance, who said a new book is something people would want. So I decided to reach out to the people who had my books already and asked one or two more people as well.

When someone agrees to help me out with editing, I offer them a signed copy of the book and put their name in the acknowledgments. If I could afford to pay for an editor, I would find a professional one, as they would have a deadline. I have never been comfortable with giving unpaid friends a deadline. I am not comfortable, especially if I don’t physically see them everyday, pushing them to finish something for me. Also, due to covid, it’s been a long, long year, full of heartache and mental anguish for so many people.

I understand this and will never push people because of this, if I am not paying them. It’s unfair to them that I insist they take care of a project that takes up their time, with no reward. Therefore, I allow things to sit. And then I get depressed.

But there is a lot of things I need to do for this book, as well. Therefore, I am taking care of what I can, and now my fiance has offered to help edit. If he and I can get this done quicker than the others, then I won’t wait for anyone else. I can’t any more. I want these books out.

Therefore the update on the release date of Inside the Grey House and Protector of the Grey House is this: I don’t know. And that’s killing me.

It has taught me something though: henceforth, I will not release book one of a series if the other two aren’t edited and ready to go as well.

Thank you for your time and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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