Daily Prompt: microphones

I like the idea of old ass vampires using technology as well or better than young people. Mostly because the stereotype is that older people don’t like to learn technology. I hope to be one of the old ass people learning new technology.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Joseph kept silent until they were back in his room and the door was locked. He pulled out his remote, entered the code to reset the cameras and microphones, then entered the code to secure the room. He didn’t know if Rebecca had overridden the security devices but wanted to make sure he and Natalia had privacy. Resetting the devices ensured the off code would work.

Joseph faced Natalia, hungry and tired. He usually didn’t sleep much, didn’t need too, but long days made sleep a necessity.  “What you did could have caused your death. Why didn’t you wait until nightfall?”

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