Daily Prompt: pace

Happy Thanksgiving! I don’t have a Thanksgiving story for you, but I hope you have a wonderful day anyway.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent started to pace, waiting for his people to clear the room. Once he was alone with Anthony, he stopped pacing to stand in front of his Information Gatherer. “I can’t punish you for having Natalia followed. It’s your job to spy or send spies after those you don’t trust. What I don’t appreciate is that you didn’t tell me about it until two of our people were missing.”

“Had I told you, you would have told her.” There was venom in the last word.

“Yes, I would have. And perhaps Wayne wouldn’t be dead. From now on, tell me if you’re having Natalia followed.” Vincent started pacing again, thinking. Anthony knew better than to interrupt. “I’m impressed that someone was finally able to track her. Where was he trained?”

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