Daily Prompt: pattern

From Protector of the Grey House:

“We’ve searched all rooms except the basement and security room, both of which have been locked out. We listened at the security room door and something is in there, but we don’t know what.” She paused and looked to Joseph. “Mierka was on duty last night.” She turned back to Vincent. “We couldn’t hear anything from the basement, and we couldn’t get into either area as you never gave me the codes to unlock those doors.” Rebecca was rebuking him lightly, trying to control her own anxiety. Charlie went missing that morning, against orders, and she was worried.

Vincent barged past the women, grabbed Rebecca, stormed to the security room door and searched for a quick minute to find the secret panel. The panel slid open as he grabbed Rebecca’s hand. Pointing her finger, he entered the code, making sure she saw the numbers. Rebecca committed the pattern to memory and stepped back as the door slid open.

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