Daily Prompt: result

From Protector of the Grey House:

Morgan and Kari, who had come to him some years ago, pleading for help, were being watched. He didn’t trust either of them, but would allow them their lives, as long as they did nothing rash. Morgan had pledged loyalty a week after Edwin’s Red Tie disaster. Kari, who had not been present at the function, came to Vincent the day after Morgan and pledged her loyalty. As she seemed to be interested in information, she was given to Anthony for instruction.

Morgan too, expressed an interest in information gathering, and seemed to find enough information on Edwin’s stragglers that Anthony soon promoted him to Second Sergeant. Vincent, Joseph and Anthony were keeping their heads about them and Morgan was under constant watch. He had not been part of Edwin’s inner sanctum, but he had been on the fringes. It was possible the young vampire was trying to get Edwin back into power. As a result, they had him watched.

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