Daily Prompt: discontent

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent pulled out his phone for the fourth time that morning, frowning when there were still no messages awaiting his attention. He was in one of Lorraine’s limos, surrounded by comrades who were talking loudly about their victory. All he could think of was Natalia. He had a disquieting feeling that all was not well in his house. There were no calls though, so everything was fine. Except for the feeling crawling into his gut and breeding discontent.

It had been a successful hunt. The group of rebellious young vampires were dealt with easily. That was to be expected with himself, Joseph, Ben, Anthony, Rowland, Maxine and Julianna fighting for Lorraine. All were old vampires and skilled in several weapon forms. The young ones were dispatched in minutes. Now they were on their way back to Lorraine’s palatial estate where they would feast and spend much time in bed. Or at least he and Lorraine would. The others would have to fend for themselves. The prospect of entwining himself in Lorraine’s arms didn’t help quiet the worry he had felt since waking.

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