Daily Prompt: linger

Before getting out of bed this morning, I had a rather zen thought. I also realized I was having a bad MS day and would not be working, but the zen thought has brought me peace. It is not a new thought, but it is welcomed and I embrace it. I want to write on it more later. For the moment, I leave you with: we are all one.

From Protector of the Grey House:

His free hand went to her cheek, drew her in for a deep lingering kiss. He pulled away, whispered into her ear. She heard the emotions finally coming through in his voice.

“Leave it.”

It was such a simple command, such a simple action. There was more there than what she had previously assumed. Why he wanted her to leave her hair alone was still beyond her scope of understanding, but she knew it wasn’t a control factor as she had originally thought. He did that at times, asked her not to do something to test his dominance. If she felt like playing along, she would obey. If she didn’t, she would laugh and tease him with her own dominance. They both enjoyed the game. The look in his eye and the tone of his voice did not suggest dominance; it suggested subservience, which was far more intriguing.

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