Daily Prompt: innocent

Protector of the Grey House:

A thought tried to assert itself into his mind, but she was kissing and nibbling his chest, making thoughts impossible. “Yes.” His hands found her silky hair. “If you think we can do this, yes, we’re done.” He growled, showing her his fangs. “Have you been fed off of lately?”

She smiled, as they both knew the answer. Natalia gave him an innocent smile, knowing he wouldn’t take her blood until she told him he could. A feeling of power overcame her, and she wondered just how far she could push him.

Vincent saw her expression change from one of innocence to one of dominance and understood her mood. He knew he could easily take control from her, but instead he relinquished control, letting her lead him however she pleased. She led him to the bedroom, teasing him all the way to the bed. She eventually allowed him his blood, but not after much pleasing and much begging.

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