Daily Prompt: dignity

I don’t even know if I like that she says this anymore. I’m not sure she would. I’m going to have to think about this pretty hard. This might be changed by the time I get this fucker published.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Vincent!” Lorraine’s voice revealed a depth of anger he had not heard before.

He sighed but turned to his sire. “My liege?”

“Next time you present this woman to me, make sure she’s vampire, or I’ll take care of the situation myself.”

There were murmurs in the room as the implication set in. Vincent bowed to his sire with grace and dignity, giving her a loving smile. “Thank you, my sire. I’ll remember your words.” He turned to the room at large. “We’ll meet tomorrow to discuss business in my offices in San Francisco, two hours after sunset. Those of you who don’t know where my offices are, find out. If you’re late, your blood will feed the others. That is all for the evening. Joseph, see to my guests.”

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