Daily Prompt: value

There are a few times that Natalia steps out of line in this trilogy. I feel I should have added a scene or two with others that disobeyed the rules, then realized that I did. It’s just that Natalia is the main character, and we focus on her. Also, really, the others have been with Vincent long enough, they now not to step out of line.

From Protector of the grey House:

He calmly walked to her, knelt beside her and gave her a cold, cold smile. “You are greatly valued in this house Natalia and are often allowed to disobey Vincent. I am sure that he enjoys some things that occur when you disobey him, but that ring on your finger would have been our death. Because you were able to fight it off, you were given a warning. Had you somehow been able to get through me, Vincent would have killed you.”

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