Daily Prompt: amused

Back to the day job today. They don’t really want us to tell others the amazing things they have done for us during the pandemic. I still haven’t figured out why. One day, I’ll probably tell all because all businesses should be more like them.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent spoke reluctantly, through years of distance. “How…long…waiting?”

Joseph stared at the couple and understood. He shook his head. He needed to get Vincent out. Diana must have woven a spell, and the pair was caught in its delicate web. Joseph stepped forward, trying not to look amused. He pulled a half-witted Vincent toward the door of the bathroom, extracting the vampire from his lover. He threw Vincent into the bedroom and went back for Natalia. He wrapped her in a towel and picked her up. Once in the bedroom, he placed her on the bed, ignoring her light inviting touch. By the time he turned back to Vincent, his boss has regained his senses.

“How long?” He zipped himself up and tucked in his shirt.

“For what?”

“How long since I came up here?”

“Few minutes.”

“What?” Nothing but shock.

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