Daily Prompt: collapsed

Again the struggle not to share spoiler scenes. Though this gives a little away, I don’t think it gives too much away. Enjoy!

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia dropped the drugged juice and slowly stood. She had to find…someone and tell them…something. Her mind no longer actively working, she tried to go…somewhere. Natalia crashed to the ground hitting the table and tray with her arm on the way down. The soup bowl went flying, spreading stew all over the floor and couch. She lay on the ground and tried desperately not to fall into the blissful dark abyss of sleep. Natalia saw someone walk to Vincent’s trusted friend. Her line of sight was low, as she had collapsed headfirst. She looked up with crossed eyes, trying to make sense of the harsh yellow shirted figure standing next to the now grinning Franklin and couldn’t. Her mind slipped to the cold metal in her hand and her survival instinct took over. Her last unhurried action before fading into a deep sleep was stuffing the fork into her jean pocket.

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