Daily Prompt: toast

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia was dressed in a short tight white skirt and tight striped burgundy and white top. Her burgundy sandals snaked up her legs, tying just under her knee. She danced and moved with whoever wanted her, letting the men touch her but not possess her. Rebecca and Mierka stopped their discussion to watch her interact with the other humans, then started to discuss their plans for the evening. When the drinks came to the table, Rebecca went to grab Natalia. She came willingly as she was rather thirsty.

Natalia sat at the table and smiled to the two women. “The two of you should be dancing.”

“Maybe in a bit.” Rebecca raised her glass. “A toast. To friendship in unexpected places.”

Natalia smiled warmly, raised her glass as did Mierka. The three laughed as they toasted and took a drink. Natalia set her glass down and turned to Mierka as the woman tapped her on the shoulder. Once Natalia faced her, Mierka reached out, took the human’s head in her hands and brought her lips closer. Mierka kissed Natalia deeply and slid her tongue against Natalia’s.

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