Daily Prompt: beautiful

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Edwin! Show yourself!”

The words reverberated in the large room, and creatures moved even further away from her, afraid to get near her. None but Vincent’s men knew what the sword was, but all were afraid and wanted nothing to do with it and the woman who wielded it. The crowd parted, revealing Edwin to the beautiful creature in white. The obtuse Captain stood with mouth agape staring at her. He knew this one and couldn’t believe she was in his home demanding anything. According to reports, this human who seemed to have power at his aborted inauguration, was now just Vincent’s whore. What the hell was she doing calling him out in his home?

Annoyed beyond reason, Edwin stalked to Natalia. He stopped ten feet away from her, confusion evident on his face. “Who dares call me out, at my party, in my house?”

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