Daily Prompt: glass

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia heard the sound of glass scraping and crunching and turned to the monstrosity that was now not ten feet from her. Eyes wide she backed up, mind torn between panic and laughter. This thing coming toward her could not be real. She then remembered where she had heard of it and why it was hard to think of it as real. Slayers heard of these creatures from junkies, pushers and dealers. It wasn’t surprising they weren’t believed.

Natalia continued to back up wracking her memory for the demon’s weak spot. It was something obvious, but she couldn’t remember. She slowed her breath to calm her nerves and give herself time to think. It wasn’t moving any faster than she was. It bellowed and threaten but didn’t attack. It was possibly assessing her strengths. Natalia backed up again, dancing out of its way as it swung and realized her mistake. She had forgotten where she left her shoes and stepped on one of them, almost stumbling to the ground. Rebecca caught her and pulled her to the right as a dark brown form leapt from her left and hurled itself at the advancing demon.

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