Daily Prompt: consider

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Have you no words for me?” He was behind her, having moved in the space of a breath. He brushed her hair away from her neck, pulled the strands slightly, and reminded her of his hidden abilities. “I don’t expect you to run to my bed each night Natalia, but an acknowledgment would be pleasant.”

“I’m…sorry. I’m not sure…Will he consider this a betrayal?” She stepped away from Joseph’s touch, as she did not want to accept her body’s reaction to his caress. She knew how to unleash the devil. And the devil was a fine lover. Both Vincent and Joseph used pain to enhance pleasure, but Vincent carefully pushed her limits and stopped when she said no or stop. With Joseph, safe words were necessary, and he only stopped when she used them. Her body tingled with slight pain in various areas, but it only reminded her of the pleasure she felt.

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