Daily Prompt: clothes

From Protector of the Grey House:

The room was in shambles. None of the equipment was whole. All the screens were blown out, the shelves were twisted metal, and the chair was bleeding stuffing. The walls were blackened as if from an explosion. If a human or werewolf were here when the explosion occurred, they would not have survived. The onlookers could only hope Mierka was at full blood when she went on duty last night. Vincent took a moment to assess the damage, then motioned Joseph forward. His bodyguard went in without a thought, turning quickly to grab Mierka as she attacked.

She was a mess. Her clothes were torn although she had no wounds. It was clear from her hungry attitude she had sustained massive damage and used a great deal of blood to heal herself. She was ghul.

Joseph released her slightly and allowed her to turn and sink her teeth into his flesh. He knew he could sustain the blood loss it would require to bring his woman back to sanity. Vincent beckoned to one of the humans and indicated he should remain at the ready when more blood was needed. The human nodded, handed off his weapon and bravely walked into the security room.

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