Daily Prompt: slammed

This scene includes a description of a pair of boots I own and love.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia ran to the end of the hallway, grateful for the head start. The door at the other end of the hall was open, which made things easier. She didn’t know what a ghul was but knew it would kill Franklin if she could throw him into the pit. She heard Franklin behind her and smiled. As her blood pumped harder, her vision started to blur, darkening around the edges. Her determination surged forward, and a little more speed escaped her. She was through the door, leapt across the hole, and slammed into the wall before he could reach her.

Franklin knew where she was going and grinned. He followed her into the room, leapt the distance, and was immediately hit in the face with her fist. He didn’t think she had the strength in her to push him back, but she did. The blow pushed him back enough to make him land on the edge of the hole. His feet slipped out from under him and he plunged. His hands dug into the ledge and his blood curdled with the howl from below. He stared up at the woman grinning at the edge.

“Help me!”

“Go to Hell.”

When she dressed earlier, before Franklin drugged her, Natalia had the urge to wear her favorite boots. They were a deep rich red, made from hard leather with a steel toe tip. She wore the boots whenever she was headed for a fight as they were almost weapons unto themselves. She was delighted she had gone with the impulse as she prodded his fingers with the inch thick, hard rubber soles. His face turned to pure terror as she very slowly and very carefully stepped on his fingers and ground his bones with her boots. He and the creature below him howled in unison as pain, then fear, echoed in the oubliette. Franklin fell when she stepped onto his other hand. Her smile was pure pleasure when she heard his bones crunch. He apparently didn’t know how to fall.

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