Daily Prompt: laboriously

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia turned her attention once more to Vincent, whose eyes were roaming her body. She saw his eyes move laboriously to Anthony: as if his loyal friend was displeasing to his eyes. “You have something to tell me?”

“Vincent wait.” Her voice was strong, not panicked. She felt all eyes on her; anticipation filled the room.

His eyes darted back to her. “You feel you need to speak first, lover?”

“Not a chance! I demand to speak my mind, before she can turn your head again!” Anthony stormed forward, pushed her aside roughly. Natalia steadied herself and gave him a pitying look.

“Sir. Please.”

Vincent looked back and forth between the two trusted members of his household, trying to determine whom he was going to listen to first. He looked to Natalia last. “Is this pertaining to where you’ve been spending your days, my love?”


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