Daily Prompt: attractive

From Protector of the Grey House:

It was three a.m. before the text came. Natalia nearly jumped out of her skin. Orlando, who was sitting to her right, opened the door and stepped out. He held the door open for Natalia then helped her on with the scabbard as the others left the car. Once the sword was strapped on, she stood a little taller. Orlando took a step back; a little disturbed by the way she looked. He still wasn’t used to seeing that look on a human. It was an animal look: the look a cat gets right before it pounces on the unsuspecting mouse; meaning to toy with it until the poor thing is dead of fright.

It was also the look that made her so damned attractive.

Orlando shut his eyes, took a deep breath and closed the car door. All were ready. Orlando led the way with Rebecca and Doug behind him walking side by side. Natalia came next, with Charlie bringing up the rear. Orlando made an impressive figure and easily intimidated the doorman, who simply got out of the way of the five approaching creatures. The group was through the door and in the house before any of Edwin’s people noticed.

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