Daily Prompt: floor

From Protector of the Grey House:

Charlie, afraid of what the vampire would do to her, finally tripped Natalia and held her to the ground. Whatever had happened to her it was clear she was in a heightened state of out of her mind. He held on to her, and crushed her to the floor as she screamed her frustration. Why the vampires weren’t getting one or both out of the room was beyond his comprehension. He thought of taking Natalia out of the room himself, but knew he couldn’t handle her on his own.

Joseph tried to understand what was going on with Natalia. She enjoyed being with Vincent and would often indulge him in his baser tastes. To try and take him on when he was in this state was beyond reasoning. All present knew she didn’t want to be changed; yet she was willing to risk her life to please him. Joseph thought back on the evening, to the point when she had taken Vincent’s blood.

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