Daily Prompt: reacquainting

From Protector of the Grey House:

Another addition, or rather return, was Franklin. He had been spying in Edwin’s home for House LeGris for eight years. He did not enjoy it. To prove his loyalty, he had to drink Edwin’s blood and do everything the twisted Captain asked. He was happy to be home and doing nothing more than reacquainting himself with his comrades. Vincent had been glad to see him return. He was a faithful and loyal friend, which he needed at the moment.

Lost in thought, Vincent found himself at his bathroom door and paused. He could hear soft conversation on the other side of the door. He frowned as he realized Mierka had not told him everything. Someone was with Natalia. When he realized the two voices were female, his thoughts subsided, and he opened the door.

Natalia was seated in the large round tub, facing the door. Behind her, washing her hair was Diana. There were candles for light instead of the overheads. Vincent walked softly into the room and watched his woman as he closed the door and went to lean against the counter. There was a touch of something in the air and he let the feeling weave itself around and into his will. Diana was casting a spell of some sort. He wondered why. Natalia was not hurt and didn’t appear to need any help. He waited for his woman to acknowledge him. She made him wait as she and Diana finished their conversation and with Natalia’s hair.

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