Daily Prompt: offering

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Sir? Don’t you accept my apology?”

There was just enough pleading in Morgan’s voice to throw off most people. Vincent was not most people. He learned how to spot men like Morgan long ago and knew all their tricks. This was the bargaining stage. If Vincent were in a better mood, he would play it out, see what the man was offering. He was tired of Morgan though, and had already picked out his replacement.

“Take the younglings to the dungeon. Find out who is worthy and who is not. Kill the ones who are down.”

The gathered younglings gasped, and a few screamed as Rebecca and Doug changed to Blitzkrieg. Doug moved to the young vampires on the floor and killed both quickly with his long, sharp claws. Rebecca moved closer to the group of younglings and growled as the House LeGris vampires surrounded them. Three tried to flee anyway, but Rebecca jumped to one and killed him quickly. The other two stopped and moved back to the others. All the guards, save Joseph, herded the younglings out of the room and to the dungeon.

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