Daily Prompt: sit

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent motioned Natalia over, as he knew Anthony had to be in her line of sight. Natalia went to stand behind Vincent. She leaned against the wall and started to twirl her necklace. Anthony continued to argue with Vincent for a few moments longer, but Natalia didn’t hear their words. She found as time passed, that Anthony’s will had grown stronger. She concentrated on catching and trapping his will. Natalia broke into the conversation with a soothing voice when she felt she could. Her voice soft and agreeable, she slowly wove her will into his until, finally, she felt his will give way. He stood immobile, his face slack, his eyes glazed over. Natalia instructed him to sit and he did.

Natalia turned to Vincent, strain evident on her face. “We should do this quickly. I may not be able to hold him much longer.”

“His will is comparable to yours now?” “He doesn’t trust me, so it makes it harder.”

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