Daily Prompt: ready

From Protector of the Grey House:

Mierka was amazed Vincent was still capable of speech.

“We let her go; you’ll kill her.” Mierka turned to Vincent; she expected a fight. Joseph held him back, so it would be a fight of words, not fists. She was ready.

“Why would I do that?” His words revealed the depth of his hunger. Mierka shuddered with anticipation. She was the only woman in the household who could take him in this state.

“You’re not in control of yourself Vincent. Let me take you to bed. You’ll be better tomorrow evening.” Her voice was soft and soothing. Vincent shot her a look of disgust, and turned the full power of his gaze on the lovely Natalia. She tried to step toward him but was hindered by Mierka and the two wolves behind her. All present seemed to understand what was at stake, except for the two that mattered.

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