Daily Prompt: doubt

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent smiled slowly as a memory unwound in his mind. One day last week, Morgan showed up while Vincent was fighting Natalia in the training room. Vincent caught her in his arms and fed her his blood. He never gave her much, just enough to fool the casual onlooker. Natalia fought it off easily but acted as if she were under his control. They sparred a little bit more, while he seduced her. When they were both aroused to the breaking point, he threw her against the wall and screwed her as everyone watched. That morning, alone and secure in their bedroom, while performing her own seduction, she informed him that should he do something like that again, she would slice him in half.

He didn’t doubt that she would. Her statement only made him want to try it again.

Vincent sipped his wine, wanting blood. He declined it though, as the blood in Edwin’s house was suspect. Edwin didn’t feed his guests his own blood; he fed them the blood of children. Vincent enjoyed taking blood from the unwilling, but not from children. Missing and dead children brought too many police officers around. Dead children drained of their blood brought too many Slayers.

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