Daily Prompt: trip

When I originally wrote this trilogy, the story started from a few months before Natalia’s conception and showed her childhood. When I decided to publish, I took out most of her early existence. But we all need to know about Donald, so I added that part, what he did to her mom, to the end of the book. Here’s part of that.

From Protector of the Grey House:

He was starting to sound like Lucas, but Lucas had had the voices in his head. Donald was a fanatic and possibly insane. During his soliloquy Natalia moved her arms back and forth, testing her range of motion. He’d done a poor job of tying her; she could maneuver her arms to the edge of the chair. By gathering the fabric in her hands, she was able to reach her jacket pockets, which still contained her stash of anti-vampire weapons. She needed the knife though, and that was in the pocket on her right side, which was the side closest to Donald.

“I couldn’t have you then. You were too young. That wouldn’t be right. Each night, after your mother fell asleep, there you were swimming in my dreams. All I could do was chase you. You never let me catch you, not even in my dreams. It felt wrong to be with your slut mother and want her beautiful young daughter. Then, on a late-night trip, God sent me the hitchhiker, who offered me such interesting secrets. So interesting that I could not pass them up. It seemed like I was being punished for my desires, but now that I have everything I want, I must think that being made into this being is a reward for my patience.”

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