Daily Prompt: implication

I was asked recently if Natalia and Vincent had a dom/sub relationship and who held what role. I said, ‘yes’ and ‘both’. Though Vincent likes being in control, he also appreciates when she takes control.

From Protector of the Grey House:

She looked down into his eyes and saw the same look as earlier: a look of subservience. Whatever his motivation, it was now clear to her that he wanted her in control. Part of her mind was showing her the image of Orlando’s head being ripped off his body and all she wanted was to forget. Here was her escape. Vincent had always offered her shelter from the pain in her life.

Tonight was no different. She started breathing hard and fast as the implication of what he wanted set in. She had taken control before, many times, but this was the first time he asked for it. He wanted her to control him. It was making her heart race. She could push him to his limit. She smiled a hyena smile as she realized he would be the one screaming tonight. She placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him to the floor. She took one step then placed her foot on his chest.

“I still don’t understand why you want this Vincent, but by the time you fall asleep, you will regret giving me control.”

He saw the look in her eye and understood her smile. He wondered, as she stood above him grinning, whether or not he had made the right decision. Until he realized, there was no decision in his actions, only desire. In the end, he didn’t regret one single action. She did get him to scream many, many times. Somehow, he managed not to change her.

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