Daily Prompt: witch

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Who is she?”

“His witch. She’s so wrapped up in the spells she’s chanting that she can’t perceive anything beyond the circle.”

“How does that happen?”

Natalia had been in the apartment before and called Diana to find out what was going on. “She’s weaving too many spells at once. It takes all her energy to weave the spells, leaving nothing to the real world.”

“What are the spells she’s weaving?”

“I only deciphered five. One is to make him warm, one is to make him immune to crosses; one is to make him immune to holy water; one is to stop the effect of a stake and one is to make sure that if someone decapitates him, it won’t kill him. He’s young enough that all that still affects him. I’m not sure about the other five. They’re in a language I can’t identify.”

“This isn’t proof.”

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