Daily Prompt: memory

From Protector of the Grey House:

He placed his hand on Rebecca’s shoulder until she turned and looked at him. “Have you ever known her to fidget? When she’s agitated, or angry she shows it with anger. I don’t have a memory of her ever acting nervous.”

Rebecca’s mouth and eyes popped open wide as she thought for a moment. She took a deep breath. “Get a human. Joseph might be better in this situation. We take down with force. They do too, but he can subdue her better.”

Charlie nodded and headed out of the room. On the screens, Natalia walked through each of her rooms, but locked each door as she passed through it. The wolf frowned. Natalia never locked the doors. As Rebecca watched she realized Natalia did seem off. Her movements weren’t as decisive as they usually were. She seemed to hesitate a lot, as if dazed. Rebecca narrowed her eyes as Natalia went into the bathroom, lit a few candles, then turned off the overheads.

Rebecca slammed her hands on the counter. “Charlie!”

“Right here.”

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