Daily Prompt: flush

From Protector of The Grey House”

She took a breath to calm herself. “The thing that bothers me is that after the police left, two men dressed in black suits claiming to be with the police asked to see me. I was placed in a private room and a nurse told me they wanted to talk to me. I saw them through the open door. They worried me, so I told the nurse that I was tired and didn’t want any more visitors. After she left, I was hit with paranoia and destroyed my phone. I flushed the pieces down the toilet, then laid down for a nap.

“I woke at sunset this evening. I had slept for more than 24 hours. Someone took my clothing. All I had was the gown the hospital gave me. I called the nurse, but she had no idea what happened to my stuff. She left, and said she would try and find out. As I didn’t want to stick around, I left the room. I stole my clothing from a doctor I met on the stairs. My luck his clothing fit.”

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