Daily Prompt: marble

Vincent placed his hands on her waist, lifted her slightly and sat her on the counter. It was marble and well built. They had used it before. He nuzzled her neck, and wondered if he could take her blood, or if she had lost too much to Wayne. “None of the women I’ve loved have ever been as stubborn as you. Or as incredibly frustrating.”

Natalia’s mind stopped as his words seeped into her brain. It was the closest he had come to saying he loved her. She had never expected to hear it. Since her declaration two years ago, she hadn’t repeated her words. It wasn’t necessary. She closed her eyes. “Have any of the women you’ve loved been like me?”

“You remind me of Lorraine, and Mierka. You are more dominating then Mierka, and far more adventurous than Lorraine. And you never back down.” He listened to her heart, to try and to hear her heartbeats, as he wanted to assess her blood loss. Her heartbeats were quick though, as always when he touched her. Aggravated, he bared his fangs, and pressed the points into her flesh. He dented but did not break her skin. She would let him know if he couldn’t feed off her.

Natalia placed her hands on his chest, and pushed him away him lightly. They had to finish their business. “What do we do with Anthony?”

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