Daily Prompt: safety

From Protector of the Grey House:

Anthony regarded Vincent, a slight frown on his face. Vincent’s stoic expression now revealed nothing. “What good does anger ever do me? It clouds my judgement and makes it impossible for me to do my job. Also, I’ve known you a long time, Vincent. It doesn’t really surprise me that you allowed this to happen.”

“You allowed her to hypnotize you.”

Anthony regarded Vincent mildly and kept his voice calm. “And you sat by and let it happen. She gave me my memories back. I heard you laughing in most of those memories. In the end, you were more concerned about her safety than mine. As I stated, you are a bastard.”

Vincent stared intently at Anthony for a moment. “What is your verdict on Natalia? Did she betray me?”

“You heard the same thing I did, Vincent. I find the information and you pass judgement. It’s been this way since we first met.”

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