Daily Prompt: dirt

From Protector of the Grey House:

To say the creature was gaunt was an understatement. Its skin clung to it, grey and yellow with age, dirt and dust. There was a smear of something dark across its face. It hissed at Natalia, showing off sharp, long teeth. It was as if the creature’s teeth were all fangs instead of just two. Its arms were bent at the elbow; its hands were bent at the wrist, long claws hanging down. Natalia started to get into a fighting position, but the ghul moved and Natalia found herself facing a wall with the thing behind her. Natalia tried to fight and couldn’t as the creature sank its teeth into her neck. Pain took over and Natalia nearly passed out.

Charlie landed on his feet, seeing nothing but Natalia, who was pressed face first against the wall. Something had its head buried in her neck, as it tried to suck her dry. Its dirt caked body almost hid the fact that it wore no clothes. It grew larger as it drank from Natalia. Charlie raked the creature’s back with his long claws, causing it to pull away from Natalia. The ghul spun around as Charlie attacked. He swiped twice at the thing’s neck, taking off its head. It turned to dust and Charlie roared. The joyous cry stopped short when he saw Natalia’s body slumped on the ground.

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