Daily Prompt: contained

Well, I’m posting MUCH earlier than yesterday, and most days. What got me out of bed early on a Saturday? Waffles. Homemade by my fiance. Bacon Waffles. Nomnomnom!

From Protector of the Grey House:

He carried her out of the library and up the stairs to his bedroom. Once inside, he set her on the bed, locked the door and pulled out his remote to secure the room. He turned back to Natalia as she buttoned her dress. He smiled slightly then went to sit in a chair opposite the bed. She looked around the room as she had never been in here before. It was as big as Vincent’s sitting room, contained a king-sized bed, several dressers, a desk, and several chairs. There were also two wardrobes. She turned her attention back to Joseph.

“You released Anthony tonight?” It was almost a statement.

She nodded. “It was hard. It took a lot out of me.”

“Your will was already weakened.” He leaned forward.

She nodded again. “But I can’t be controlled. My mother assured me of that a long time ago.”

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