Daily Prompt: attraction

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia blushed a bit as she regarded the petite woman in front of her. She wasn’t opposed to the suggestion, but Mierka had never made any indication there was an attraction. The human thought about it for a moment, then decided. She gave Mierka a smirk.

“All right. Sounds fun. Let’s see what you can do.”

Mierka mirrored the smirk, then slipped one hand behind Natalia’s neck. She drew the woman down for a kiss. Natalia returned it and slipped one arm around Mierka’s waist. Natalia reached out to Vincent with her other hand as the kiss grew aggressive. He took her hand and watched as the women kissed. Joseph made a pleasured noise as Mierka finally broke away from Natalia.

“I will have you.” She breathed quietly to Natalia.

“We’ll see.” Natalia stated with a smirk.

The woman laughed and Mierka let Natalia go completely.

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