Daily Prompt: moon

From Protector of the Grey House:

Morgan had been one of Edwin’s favorites, of sorts. He had been on the fringes of Edwin’s society, but was always treated with respect and dignity. He took it very personally that the new Captain did not afford him the same courtesies. “You give the human too many freedoms. You should drain her and throw her to your wolf slaves.”

Vincent knew Morgan wouldn’t have said such a thing if any of the wolves were present. It was the night of the full moon. Rebecca and Charlie were downstairs in the dungeon, locked up and sedated. Doug was out in the silver pen, tearing sheep apart. It was his turn to let loose. Vincent considered having Morgan taken out to the pen and have him repeat the words, but knew Natalia wanted a fight. And who was he to deny her what she wished?

Vincent sat back to watch the fireworks. He had never been able to watch Natalia fight while sitting on his throne. He imagined he would greatly enjoy it.

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